50130 Granville Marine White Grease ● Formulated for use in areas of high salt and fresh water ingress. ● Mineral oil lubricant with solid lubricating additives. ● Use on plain, ball & roller bearings and lubrication in aqueous conditions. ● Particularly tenacious and highly water repellent. ● Increased anti corrosion additives. ● 500g Tin 50133 Granville White Grease With PTFE Spray ● Repels water ● Resists salt & heat ● Protects against corrosion ● 500ml Aerosol 50137 Granville No. 1 Hand Cleaner ● Yellow citrus cleaner with light polymer beads which work to loosen ground-in dirt and grime. ● 500ml tub 50150 Jenolite Rust Treatment ● Anti-corrosion metal treatment ● Non-drip gel ● 40g 100 | BOAT CARE | SHURHOLD CHANDLERY | DAVID'S ISOPON Isopon P38 ● A two component polyester filler/ repair paste suitable for repairing holes, dents and scratches on all metals and GRP. ● Polyester repair paste ● Comes with applicator and hardener ● Easy to use, sand and paint ● Repairs dents and scratches ● Suitable for all metals and GRP Hardening time ● Hardens in 5 minutes with 2% hardener ● Sandable after 15 minutes 49706 - 250ml Tin 49709 - 600ml Tin Isopon P40 ● A glass fibre compound ideal for bridging holes and rust in steel and GRP. ● Easy to apply, ● Extremely strong, ● Lightweight ● Weatherproof ● Sets in 20 minutes ● Bonds to metal and glass fibre. Hardening time ● Hardens in 6 minutes with 4% hardener. ● Sandable after 20 minutes. ● (To smooth imperfections use Isopon 38 polyester body filler.) 49719 - 4 x 20ml Repair Kit 49721 - 250ml Tin Fastglas Glass Fibre Kits ● A polyester resin and glass fibre kit developed for the repair of holes, splits, cracks and tears in most materials including metal, wood, GRP, hard plastics, bricks etc. ● Repair, construct, create, permanent, waterproof ● Sandable after 20 minutes ● Can be covered by the majority of primers & paint systems ● (To smooth imperfections use Isopon 38 polyester body filler.) 49729 Fastglas Kit Small Kit contains 250ml resin, 10g hardener, glass fibre (25 x 110cm), mixing cup, brush, & protective gloves 49731 Fastglas Kit Large Kit contains 500ml resin, 20g hardener, glass fibre (25 x 110xcm), mixing cup, brush & protective gloves 49738 Isopon Aluminium Mesh ● Ideal for repairs that require reinforcement or structural support. ● 25 x 20cm sheet ● For use with body filler, bridging compound & glass fibre kits for a permanent repair 49742 Applicator for Body Filler ● Set of three M018_86-107_r2.indd 100 06/03/2018 15:54