CHANDLERY | ARALDITE 101 TWO PART EPOXY-PROPERTIES ● Long lasting, ● Strong, ● Water resistant, ● Can be painted or sanded ● Solvent free, and ● Effective on a broad range of materials. ● Bonds metal, wood, masonry, ceramics, glass, dry concrete, chipboard, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber and most plastics (except polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon). Do not use to repair or bond items that will contact food or drink. High temperature resistance (-30°C to 65°C). Oil, chemical and impact resistant 49100 Araldite Standard 24ml Syringe ● Araldite Standard is a strong 2-component epoxy with long working time. ● Parts repositionable for 80 minutes. ● Apply light pressure until setting in 8 hours. ● Full strength in 14 hours. 49106 Araldite Rapid ● Araldite Rapid is a strong 2-component epoxy with fast setting. ● Parts repositionable for 4 minutes. ● Apply light pressure for around 20 minutes. ● Full strength in 3 hours. 49535 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive ● All purpose repair adhesive ● Use on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china etc ● Bond strength of 1500lbs psi ● Sets crystal clear ● Better on more rigid materials ● 25ml Syringe 49540 2 Ton Epoxy Adhesive ● Sets in 30 minutes ● Resistant to most chemicals ● Works best on metal, wood, stone & ceramics ● Bond strength 2,500lbs psi ● Sets crystal clear ● Better on more rigid materials ● 25ml Syringe 49537 5 Minute Epoxy Gel Perfect for vertical or overhanging applications and for gap filling. ● Blue dye indicator disappears when the epoxy is thoroughly mixed. ● Better on more rigid materials ● 25ml Syringe 49543 H2 Hold Underwater Epoxy Wet or dry bond on almost anything. ● Sticks and cures underwater ● Flexible epoxy ● Use on PVC, metal, wood, glass, fibreglass, ceramic, acrylic, plastic masonry, fabric. ● 25ml Syringe 49545 Plastic Welder A strong structural adhesive good for bonding dissimilar materials and metals. ● Resists weathering, humidity & temperature change ● Can be drilled sanded and painted ● Use on hard plastic, styrene, PVC, ● Acrylic, ceramic, concrete, fibreglass, metal, vinyl, wood. ● 25ml Syringe 49548 Super Glue 5 Minute Epoxy Putty Stick 57g (2oz) A two part stick of hand mixable tough epoxy putty, adhesive sealant. ● Hardens in 5 minutes ● Gap filling putty ● Waterproof ● Can be drilled sanded and painted ● Works best on metals, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, fibreglass, vinyl, aluminium and many plastics, excluding polyethylene and polypropylene. M018_86-107_r2.indd 101 06/03/2018 15:54