STORMSURE Stormsure is an excellent adhesive providing clear, permanent, flexible, waterproof repairs on a variety of materials including PVC and Neoprene. If the user can wait a day for it to cure, Stormsure is our preferred glue for ease of use and strength when repairing inflatable air compartments, covers and neoprene. ● Use on most plastics and fabrics including, rubber, leather, PVC ● Ideal for wet suits, wet weather gear, waders, etc ● Cure time is 12 to 24 hours ● Stormure is clear or black Stormsure – Clear 49529 Three x 5g tubes on card 49530 15g tube on card 49532 90g tube loose Stormsure – Wetsuit Black 49529.2 Three x 5g tubes on a card CHANDLERY | GLUE Our word is our bond 102 | Stormsure Tuff Tape/Patches Self adhesive waterproof tape repairs almost any fabric including inflatables, tents, kites, rubber boots, waterproofs etc. The polyurethane patches will stretch and bend with the fabric. ● Apply and seal within a minute ● Apply onto a dry surface for an airtight repair 49531 5 round patches 75mmØ 49502 Two Strips 15cm x 3cm 49503 Large Strip 50cm x 7.5cm Stormsure Repair Sets Six products including Stormsure glue, Tuff Tape & Patches sealed in a re-useable blister pack. Stormsure glue 15g For almost permanent & difficult repairs of: Neoprene, sails, drybags, drysuits, boots, inflatable boats and covers Tuff Tape & Patches Immediate repairs of: sails, PVC inflatables, drybags suits etc Contents 1 Tuff tape strip 2 Tuff tape 75mm round patch 3 Tuff tape small round patches 4 Stormsure glue 15g 5 Applicator 6 Disposable gloves 49505.1 Watersports Repair Set 49505.3 Tent Repair Set Stormsure Pocket Repair Kits Inexpensive one use kits. Kit includes: Instructions 1 50cm x 75mm Tuff Tape 2 5g Stormsure 49508 Wetsuit/Drysuit supplied with neoprene & Tuff Tape patch 49513 Inflatable Canoe 49514 Multi Usage – sails, tents, awnings, biminis etc. 49531 49495 Stormproof Spray on Waterproofer Stormsure’s Stormproof is a spray-on durable water repellent that you should use on outdoor clothing including foul weather gear, breathable jackets and salopettes, Water beads off treated clothes and Stormproof Spray maintains the breathability of your sailing kit. It works on materials as diverse as polyester, wool and leather and is perfect for rejuvenating a set of oilskins. To use, simply spray evenly onto your garment and allow it to dry fully in a warm place. Unlike some other waterproofing sprays, Stormproof is non-toxic and does not have a nauseating chemical smell. Water just rolls off the surface without wetting it. A 250ml bottle contains sufficient water repellent to treat two average sized coats. 49495 250ml Trigger Spray 49497 1 Litre Refill or with Trigger Spray 49517 Stormoprene One Part Contact Adhesive The Large 70g tube of Stormoprene Contact Adhesive is widely used in the manufacturing and repair of shoes and of waterproof and airtight items such as PVC dinghies. (Hypalon repairs require Two-Part Stormoprene.) ● Very strong, waterproof and quick to dry. ● Creamy brown coloured contact adhesive. ● 85% of bond strength is obtained within 10 minutes ● Suitable for leather, wood, PVC, PU, Latex, etc M018_86-107_r2.indd 102 06/03/2018 15:54