COLLANO SEMPAROC POLYURETHANE ADHESIVES Collano Semparoc polyurethane (PUR) adhesives are high performance adhesives. They are reliable glues that lightly foam in contact with the air to fill gaps between glued surfaces. With some practice and when used in the right place, polyurethane adhesives are unbeatable. Polyurethane adhesives are: ● Durable ● Strong ● Cured adhesive has no health, safety or environmental implications Use of Polyurethane Adhesives Excellent filling capability with fibre reinforcement and light foaming ● Fills assembly gaps ● Special fillers yield a fivefold increase in joint strength ● Consolidates porous materials at the adhesive interface Repairs ● Gluing in chair legs, gluing breaks in wood Assembly ● Mounting kitchen countertops, installing porous materials such as particleboard Moisture resistant adhesive film ● The adhesive film does not dissolve in water ● Excellent resistance to repeated wet/dry cycles ● The bond line, although water resistant, is breathable Outdoor applications ● Balcony, facings, playground equipment, window shutters, etc. Indoor applications ● Adhesive bonding in saunas and swimming pools Characteristics ● Heat resistance ● Good for outdoor applications ● Fire safety ● A hard but not a brittle adhesive film ● Furniture facings 49565 Collano Semparoc 60 (Regular) 800g 49570 Collano Semparoc Rapid 800g Neoprene Queen Neoprene Queen first aid for Waterproof Neoprene Items. ● Quick drying neoprene contact adhesive ● Perfect for rips, holes, splits, open or unstitched seams ● Rips in your waders, wetsuit or wellies can be repaired in under 10 minutes. ● Available as a box of 30g tubes or carded for retail sale with 5 neoprene patches. 49526 Neoprene Queen 30g – tube only 49527 Neoprene Queen 30g - retail card with 5 patches 49518 Stormoprene 2 Part Contact Adhesive Stormoprene is a professional quality contact adhesive used in, amongst other areas, the manufacture and repair of hypalon inflatables. It can be used on all watersports fabrics, neoprene, trilaminate diving suits, biminis, convertible car roofs, rubber, latex and much more. This 250 ml set features Part A (adhesive) and Part B (activator). Mix the contents of the Part B bottle with the Part A thoroughly before applying the glue. The bond will develop full strength after 24 hours, with 85% of bond strength is achieved after 1 hour. ● 2 part contact adhesive ● Requires patch or cross-over material ● Highest adhesion available 103 BOAT CARE | SHURHOLD CHANDLERY | OTHER ADHESIVES Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure A one-part water-based, acrylic co-polymer penetrating sealant. It’s a totally different approach to finding and fixing leaks. The sealant, being thinner than water, finds its way right into hairline cracks and joints where other sealants cannot reach. The rapid absorption of the sealant into a surface indicates the source of a leak. Conventional sealants cannot possibly do this. Quick and easy to apply As the sealant can penetrate deep into structures, there is no need to take items apart or put them back together again. ● Water based, and non-toxic so can be applied to damp cracks ● Works with most materials. ● Cures within 24 hours ● Accommodates movement when dry It’s very effective for fixing leaking windows, porthole surrounds, portlights, decks, coach roofs and centreboard casings. And it’s ideal for sealing around stressed items such as deck fittings. 49200 – Crack Cure 60ml 49202 – Crack Cure 250ml M018_86-107_r2.indd 103 06/03/2018 15:54