Removing Steel Removing Gelcoat It’s essential to use the Tercoo Adjustable Guide when removing gelcoat & fibreglass Caption block in here? CHANDLERY | TERCOO Remove paint & coatings from iron keels and metal bodywork 104 | TERCOO ROTATING BLASTER Tercoo is a rotating disk which is attached to an electric drill. From iron, steel, metal and concrete Tercoo will remove rust, paint, tar, epoxy, and gelcoat etc. The finished effect is similar to a sandblasted surface with a lightly abraded texture ideal for the application of a new protective coating. How does Tercoo work Tercoo is a natural rubber disk with 12 hard tungsten carbide teeth angled off the centre of the disk. When a Tercoo disc is spun on a drill the centrifugal force created stretches the rubber disc throwing the tungsten carbide tips against the coated surface. A hammer effect, hundreds of times a second, cleans the surface stripping any coating and leaving light abraisions in the substrate. The hammer effect does not create any heat so sticky materials like tar, adhesives and sealants can be removed easily. (Steel brushes use friction to remove contaminants. Friction produces heat making steel brushes ineffective with bitumen, tar and adhesives.) Use and safety ● ALWAYS wear goggles, working gloves, dust mask and protective clothing, ● Maximum speed 4000 rpm, Optimal speed between 2500 and 3000 rpm, ● Hold Tercoo at 90 degrees to the surface and rotate clockwise, ● The triple Tercoo will strip around 30m2, ● Do not press too hard with the single and double Tercoo, ● Tercoo will strip 1 to 3m2 per hour, ● Always work away from edges, When cleaning iron & steel, prime immediately. Use on Gelcoat We recommend the use of the Tercoo adjustable guide and dust cover when removing gelcoat. The dust cover can be used with your own vacuum suction. Video and application note available. 01302 Tercoo Single Blaster 01305 Tercoo Double Blaster 01307 Tercoo Triple Blaster 01317 Tercoo Adjustable Guide with Dust Cover for GRP Removal M018_86-107_r2.indd 104 06/03/2018 15:54