105 BOAT CARE | SHURHOLD CHANDLERY | PAINTS S Specialist antifoul 42502 Echo Antifoul 70ml Marlin Transducer Paint Echo Antifoul paint is used to antifoul the transducer of a sonar fish finder or depth sounder (echo sounders). Instructions for the fitting of echo sounders indicate that normal antifoul should not be used on the transducer because: 1. Solvents damage the transducer 2. Electrical conductivity of the paint reduces the signal, and 3. Traditional thick antifoul reduces signal strength. Echo is 1. Water based 2. Contains no copper 3. Produces a thin film and therefore minimises the impact on the transducer. To our knowledge there is no other product like Echo. Velox Plus Propeller Antifoul 0.25kg Antifouling for propellers A unique combination of active ingredients, soluble and insoluble resins give Velox Plus excellent adhesion properties and high efficiency. ● Does not degrade with movement, galvanic currents or cavitation ● Thin film does not reduce propeller performance ● Apply over Marlin metal primer (42520) or itself – do not apply over other antifoulings. ● Galvanic currents are the main reason other propeller antifoul detach. Velox Plus’s unique formulation makes it stable to galvanic currents and shows why it is a world leader in this technology. 42510 White 42512 Black 42520 Metal Primer 0.25kg Specifically formulated as a primer for Velox Plus. Apply on bronze, steel, aluminium and factory powder coatings or protective epoxy coatings of stern drives. Apply only one coat. Antifoul Flexy 500ml Flexible antifouling for inflatables. It can be applied directly to neoprene, hypalon, PVC, vinyl and fibreglass hulls without primer. Flexy is insoluble in water and suitable for fast boats. 42530 Black 42540 Grey M018_86-107_r2.indd 105 06/03/2018 15:54