17641 - 25cm Rubber Racing VHF Stub Masthead Kit The kit contains all you need for a masthead fitting ● 25cm long rubber antenna ● 18m of coax cable factory sealed into antenna ● Stand-off black, “L”, masthead bracket with antenna fixing ● Male PL connector for free end of coax ● Also fit with any standard deck or rail mounted brackets. Specification: Banten Part 20308 Frequency 56-162 MHz S.W.R. 1.5 Gain -2 db Impedance 50 ohm Max Input 25W DC closed Yes Length 0.25m (10”) Weight 200g 7oz Cable 18m (60ft) RG-58 Base fitting Stainless steel “L” bracket 17732 -25cm Digital TV Stub This TV antenna stub is designed to provide great digital reception. Package ● Digital TV Stub Antenna ● TV to power supply cable with F connector ● Gain control with Power Supply 12V-24V ● 5m Low Loss Cable & joining piece ● 2 x F Connectors ● Screw on Nylon ferrule to convert TV stub onto 1” 14 TPI, VHF Fittings Fitting Options Any 1”-14 nylon base (via the screw on nylon ferrule supplied). Specification: Banten Part 331 Frequency 175-240/470-860 MHz Gain 24 db Impedance 75 ohm Output voltage +26 dbm Noise 1.9 db Antenna supply 12V DC – 50 mA Connection F female Diameter 25 cm Weight 100g (3.5 oz) Cable 5m low loss 17645 VHF 25cm Emergency Antenna Essential safety equipment. Banten’s emergency antenna is ready to go and can be transmitting in minutes. This 25cm antenna is wired up with a PL connector for immediate attachment, two straps that will fit any rail or stanchion and 5m of cable. Supplied in its own weatherproof storage canister it won’t get damaged or tangled in the locker. Specification Banten Part 0045 Antenna Fibreglass 25cm Frequency 156.8Mhz Gain 0db Max Input 50W SWR 1.5 Cable 5m with PL Connector 17702 - 1.5m Fibreglass VHF Antenna with Stainless Ferrule Collar Stainless steel strength but light and economical, this VHF Antenna with BANTEN patent ferrule comes in polished stainless steel AISI 316L, with white epoxy fibreglass. ● Fibreglass 1.5m whip ● 5m of coax cable factory sealed into antenna ● Stainless ferrule collar ● Male PL connector for free end of coax Fitting Options A bracket is required. Add your choice of six standard deck or rail mounted brackets for 1” -14 female thread. Specification: Banten Part 2010 Frequency 156-162 MHz Gain 3 db Impedance 50 ohm Max Input 50W DC closed Yes Length 1.5m (5ft) Weight 400g (14 oz) Cable 5m (16ft) RG-58 Base fitting 1” – 14 thread Base material Stainless steel AISI 316L polished Top Seller 17712 Portable Wifi Antenna Extend the range of your wifi ● Connects to your computer via USB ● High velocity data transmission to 150mps ● Supports AP software function ● 5m cable, CD & Instructions ● Antenna is a wireless router With line of sight this antenna will extend wifi signals a few hundred metres. Specification Banten Part 2188-1 Frequency 2400-2500 MHZ Wifi IEE802.11 b/g Compatible to IEE802.11n (wireless LAN) USB interface 2.0 High Speed Certification FCC Class B, CE Length 60cm Weight 250g Ferrule 1”-14 CHANDLERY | BANTEN ANTENNA AND AERIALS 109 M018_108-115_r1.indd 109 06/03/2018 15:59