INSTRUMENTS | DEPTH SOUNDERS 11 17611 HawkEye DepthTrax 1H Portable Depthfinder DepthTrax™ 1h Handheld Depth Finder— The trouble with most depth sounders is that they can only see what’s in a fairly narrow cone directly under your boat. However, the ultralight handheld DepthTrax™ 1H lets you aim its beam wherever you want to see, like an underwater flashlight. One slide of the magnetic switch gives real time depth readings, while another slide will indicate the current water or air temperature. Algorithmic programming virtually eliminates false readings while ShootThru Technology allows readings through ice and solid fiberglass or aluminum boat, kayak, or canoe hulls. The impact resistant housing includes a wrist strap and the unit floats if dropped overboard. Since its submersible to 45m you can use it as a range finder while snorkeling and diving. Features ● DepthTrax™ Intelligent Sonar ● Precise Depth Readings 61cm to 73m ● Air and Water Temperature Readings ● Beam Angle: 20 Degrees ● Batteries: 9 Volt Alkaline ● Backlit Liquid Crystal Display ● Shoot-Thru Technology™ Allows Readings Through Ice and Boat Hulls ● Magnetic On/Off Switch (no external metal parts) ● Impact Resistant & Floatable Housing ● IPX8 Waterproof to 45m Depth ● 2 Year Warranty With 24 Hour Online Technical Support 17616 HawkEye DepthTrax ™ 1B Dash Mounted Depth Sounder Fit the depth sounder with Transom mounting or glued on the inside of the hull. The HawkEye® 1B Depth Sounder, for new boats or retro fit, is engineered to give precise depth readings from 76cm to 61m at speeds over 60 mph. ● Transducer fitted either with the Transom mount or glued inside the hull (please follow instructions) ● Incorporates an advanced three- stage depth alarm warning system with programmable shallow and deep water alarms; ● White & Black Face Plates And Trim Rings ● “Keel-Offset” function allows readings to be adjusted for vessel draft ● Easy touch, digital programming; ● Waterproof front face & illuminated LCD display ● Cable Length: 30 Feet (9 M) ● Display dimensions: 1.65 x 0.85 inches; ● Two year warranty Accessories M018_4-35_p1.indd 11 06/03/2018 15:44