LAGUN YACHT TABLES Lagun have been manufacturing the finest and most versatile yacht tables for over 20 years. Versatile A simple design is the key to the versatility of Lagun. Each table can be height adjusted, turned, spun around, folded and packed away, and with no legs of its own, there is plenty of room for yours. Practical Each Lagun table consists of a slim mounting plate, frame and table-top. To fit the Lagun table fix the mounting plate in a vertical position in the cockpit or cabin. The mounting plate is supplied with a backing plate and plastic wedges to fix to surfaces off the vertical. The table and frame then slot into the bracket and are removed for stowage just as easily. Durable Built to stand the harsh elements of the sea the frame is manufactured from saltwater-resistant anodised aluminium. The table-top is manufactured in a choice of unvarnished teak or, more durable, teak-effect and white melamine 32105 Meridian code Product Specifications 32105 Frame & Mounting Plate only 4.3kgs 32106 Mounting Plate kit only 1.0kg Melamine table tops 32112 *Large “Rimini” Melamine Table-top Teak Style 85cm x 54cm 32117 *Medium “Rimini” Table-top Teak Style 70cm x 42cm 32118 *Large White Melamine Table-top 85cm x 54cm 32119 *Medium White Melamine Table-top 70cm x 42cm *when ordering please order a frame with the table-tops if required Leg 50cm moves up or down Arm 40cm Swivels 360 Table Mount 20cm x 30cm Mounting Plate 10cm x 17cm CHANDLERY | LAGUN 111 M018_108-115_r1.indd 111 06/03/2018 15:59