NOA SOLAR PANEL MOUNTS 31627 Noa Aluminium Mounting Plate ● All fittings included Noa Oak Folding Seat NOA’s Oak Folding Seat will add a valuable place to sit when you are sailing as well as when you are in the harbour. It’s fastened on the push-pit with NOA fittings, supplied, and can also be mounted in a corner with a diagonal stay available as an extra. ● All fittings included 31622 NOA Oak Folding Seat 31626 NOA Diagonal Stay for Oak Seat 31627 Noa Aluminium Mounting Plate All fittings included 31613 Adjustable Rail Mount For Solar Panel ● The mount will rotate and slide up and down on the rail. ● Package includes: ● Two 650mm stays ● Two Adjustable NOA 25mm rail fittings. ● Drill a hole in the stays, attach the panel with bolts (or use self taping screws) and mount to the rail. 31614 Turning Pole Mount For Solar Panel 30Mm ● The solar panel can be turned and tilted to face the sun. ● Package includes: ● 1.8m support in 30mm diameter ● Two 650mm stays (fix to panel) ● Two Adjustable NOA 25mm rail fittings (fix stays to cross tube) ● T Connection (fix cross tube to support) ● 600mm cross tube 25mm ● Two cross 25mm/30mm NOA rail fittings (fix support to rail) ● The vertical support is not anchored on deck and requires fixing to two horizontal rails. CHANDLERY | NOA | SOLAR POWER MOUNTS Keeping the Ark organised 113 M018_108-115_r1.indd 113 06/03/2018 16:00