52402 Swivel Connector ● Swivel Connectors fasten basket to the rail at any angle ● Attachment of basket to 25mm tube ● 22mm, 30mm and 32mm connectors also available ● Single unit 52402 25mm swivel (standard size) 52404 22mm swivel 52406 30mm swivel 52408 32mm swivel 52403 Parallel Connector ● Parallel connectors fasten baskets to each other ● Attachment between baskets ● 1 pair FENDER FITTINGS Nawa Fender Baskets The most versatile fender storage solution on the market, stainless steel fender baskets fit tube/guard rail in any combination Suggested Suitable Fenders for Nawa baskets We recommend that customers with existing fenders measure them before buying fender baskets. The size depends on the inflation of the fenders and fenders can expand on a hot day. For stocking, we recommend matching the specific fender basket size with the fender size sold. Code 52170 52195 52215 52230 52250 52260 52305 52360 Diameter 170mm 195mm 215mm 230mm 250mm 260mm 305mm 360mm Length* 423mm 423mm 423mm 423mm 550mm 550mm 580mm 580mm *The length is the distance from the rounded end of the basket to the rim. 114 | CHANDLERY | NAWA M018_108-115_r1.indd 114 06/03/2018 16:00