52603 Flagpole Socket ● Flagpole socket for rail. ● Screws and connector included for clamping onto 25mm tube. 52604 Spinnaker Pole Holder ● A spinnaker pole holder for fastening to the stanchions or push-pit/pulpit keeping the pole off the deck. ● Screws and connectors included for clamping onto 25mm tube. ● 9.5cm diameter ring 52608 Bracket Lifebuoy Screws and connectors included for clamping onto 25mm tube. 30mm and 32 mm clamps are available as extras for this product 52611 Antenna Bracket Antenna bracket and 25mm connector VHF, GPS & radio antennas 52614 Rope Holder 25mm connector included 41150 Nawa Mooring Reels The practical aid to mooring and anchoring. ● A heavy duty stainless mooring reel with adjustable friction brake ● Parts included for fitting to the guardrail or clamped to the bulkhead. ● 2,000kgs breaking strength Use the Mooring Reel ● For anchoring ● For mooring to a buoy or a pier ● For towing ● Quick to use ● Quick reeling ● The line is always in order, and ready to use ● The reel requires very little space 41110 10 metre 210mm 41132 32 metre 330mm 41150 50 metre 400mm ALWAYS CLEAT THE LINE WHEN MOORING THE BOAT! CHANDLERY | NAWA 115 M018_108-115_r1.indd 115 06/03/2018 16:00