13060 100m Reinforced Safety Net ● 100m roll of net rope ● Reinforced borders ● Nylon net of 2.5mm strand ● 40mm diamond mesh ● Heights of 30cm to 70 cm 13067 Midi Storage Net ● Screws and mounting clips supplied ● Nylon net held by elastic cord screwed to wall ● 35cm x 45cm with flex of more than plus/minus 50% ● White only Tarpaulins Reinforced heavy duty polyethylene tarpaulins in the versatile weight of 180g/square cm. ● Translucent white ● UV stable & tear resistant ● Reinforced edges with grommets ● Available in various sizes 04304 Tarpaulin, 3m x 4m 180g/cm 04406 Tarpaulin, 4m x 6m 180g/cm 04408 Tarpaulin, 4m x 8m 180g/cm 04608 Tarpaulin, 6m x 8m 180g/cm 04610 Tarpaulin, 6m x 10m 180g/cm 13107 Anchor Rode Bag The Anchor Rode Bag is an indispensable aid to anchor management. Keep the anchor and chain in the bag. The anchor rope is fed through an eye in the bottom of the bag before securing onto the boat. The anchor and chain can then be carried about the deck before releasing over the side or collected easily in the bag before returning to the locker. ● Strong and practical ● Vinyl coated nylon mesh allows bag to drain ● Tubular rim stays open ● Can carry up to 100m of line, chain & anchor ● Reinforced webbing straps ● 71cm x 42cm 13105 Life Jacket Bag Keep your life jackets safe, accessible and in good condition in this purpose built vinyl and mesh bag. ● Store 5 life jackets or more ● Mesh air vent avoids mildew ● 50cm x 32cm x 38cm 12 | STORAGE | STORAGE AND NETS M018_4-35_p1.indd 12 06/03/2018 15:44