124 | DAVIS MARINE | DAVIS MARINE NAVIGATION AND CHARTING 83011 Mark 3 Marine Sextant Learn to Navigate The result of years of practical experience in the manufacture of precision instruments, this plastic sextant has been used as the sole means of navigating both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Enabling the yachtsman to take a ship to any port of the world, it is used by professional, amateur and student navigators alike. This rugged, full- sized instrument reads to within 2’ of arc. ● Full 18cm arc (7”) ● Four sun shades ● Instantly adjustable ● Corrosion proof ● Instruction booklet included MASTER SEXTANTS All Davis Master Sextants feature the following professional specifications: ● 18cm (7”) frame radius. Graduation 120° to −5° ● Index mirror rectangular, 50 × 38mm (1.98” × 1.49”). ● Precision machined slow travel gear and worm mechanism. ● Highly visible, easy-to-read micrometer drum and vernier allowing readings to 2/10 minute of arc. ● Fully ribbed, three-circle sextant body for platform strength and stability. ● Large, contoured handle designed for sure, steady grip and angled back for added control. ● Seven large sunshades allow complete, independent adjustment of shading density for horizon and index mirrors. ● 3 × 27 mm star telescope with anti-reflective coated glass lenses, plus separate hooded sight tube for glare-free sun shots. ● Neck lanyard frees hand and protects sextant. ● Tough, fully padded, shock- resisting carrying case with compartments for extra batteries and mirror kits. 83025 Master Sextant Deluxe Mark 25 Full-field Beam Converger with quartz hardcoat replaces conventional half- silvered mirror. Horizon and astrobody images are combined in a single full- field for easy, reliable sights under the most difficult conditions. ● Special mineral coating is selective for different wavelengths of light. Horizon is transmitted in one colour region and the star or sun in another. ● Improved reinforced plastic stiffens frame for greater measurement accuracy. ● High-efficiency LED (solid-state Light Emitting Diode) illumination system, which floods arc and drum with soft light. Positive “push-on” switching action, with vinyl boot water protection. *Average LED half-life is approximately 10 years if operated continuously. 83026 Master Sextant Mark 15 Large, easily adjusted mirrors using new instrument-quality glass and a special baked on salt-spray resistant backing. ● Both mirrors have protective housings. ● Horizon mirror is half-silvered. No adjustment wrenches required. ● Molded of high-impact, weather- resistant plastic. Code Model Viewing Field Illuminator Unit Weight 83025 Master,Deluxe Mark 25 Beam Converger 43 x 29mm (1.61X1.16”) LED on both arc and drum 0.47 kg 83026 Master, Mark 15 Half-Silvered Horizon Mirror 42 x 29mm (1.64 x 1.14”) 0.41 kg M018_116-131_r1.indd 124 06/03/2018 16:09