08402 Sail & Canvas Cleaner ● Cleans and brightens white and coloured sails, canvas and boat covers ● Removes dirt, grease and mildew stains ● Will not weaken fabric ● For all natural and synthetic fabrics ● 500ml 08403 Premium Hard Wax with Teflon ● Premium wax providing outstanding protection for all kinds of fibreglass, gelcoat and painted surfaces ● Lasts much longer than conventional waxes protecting against fading and oxidation ● Use on the hull and underwater ● Repels dirt, stains and salt ● Can increase speed and fuel efficiency ● Hand or buffer application for a super slick finish with no hard rubbing. 08404 Premium Polish with Teflon Premium polish for all kinds of fibreglass, gelcoat and painted surfaces ● Protects against fading and oxidation ● Use on the hull and underwater ● Removes dirt, stains and salt ● Hand or buffer application for a dazzling factory shine with no hard rubbing. ● 500ml 08405 Aluminium Polish & Wax ● Cleans, polishes and protects aluminium giving a perfect shine ● Effective on painted, anodised or bare aluminium ● Removes surface oxidation, tarnish and stains ● Will not scratch ● 500ml 08409 Mould & Mildew Remover ● Just spray and watch mildew spots disappear from vinyl, fibreglass and fabrics. ● Disinfects toilets ● Not for use on sails ● Eliminates bad odours and protects surfaces ● 500ml 08410 Hull & Gelcoat Cleaner ● Cleans all kind of fibreglass and gelcoat surfaces ● Removes marine growth stains, scum line, rust stains & organic discolouring ● No hard rubbing required ● Wipe on, leave to work and rinse off ● 500ml 08412 GRP Super Cleaner ● Heavy Duty Cleaner ● Use on Fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces ● Removes dirt, grease, stains, oil, black streaks, gas exhaust etc. ● 500ml 08413 Wash and Wax ● Quick and easy shine every time you wash your boat ● Everyday care ● Use on fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces ● One step formula ● Biodegradable ● 500ml MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS CLEANING AND POLISHING PRODUCTS 08310 Diesel Plus ● Kills the bacteria and fungi lurking in your diesel fuel that clog filters, injectors and cause corrosion ● Diesel Plus is mixed with diesel in 1 part to 1,000 ● Increases fuel efficiency and power by up to 4% ● Lubricates the injectors preventing wear and helping the engine run smoothly. ● 500ml 08320 Seam Sealer ● Ready to use formula ● For seams on spray hoods, tents, clothes etc ● Protects against the penetration of water ● Durable and long lasting ● 100ml 08330 Winch Grease ● Lubricates, preserves and protects each part of the winch ● Seals and penetrates all parts with a waterproof film ● Resistant to high temperatures, saltwater and corrosion ● Prolongs the life of your winch ● Prevents seizing and will not wash away ● 250ml 08431 Anti Spider Spray ● Drive spiders away ● Prevent re-infestation for long periods ● 500ml 14 | BOAT CARE | MARINE LIQUIDS M018_4-35_p1.indd 14 06/03/2018 15:44