08406 Yellow Stain Remover ● Removes discolouring on all kinds of fibreglass, gelcoat and paint ● Especially formulated to remove the yellow stains on the bow, waterline and exhaust ● Removes algae and rust ● Easy to use gel-liquid means no scrubbing or rubbing. ● 500ml 08407 Vinyl Shampoo ● Removes dirt, mildew and grease stains from vinyl, foul weather gear, PVC and rubber ● Leaves no residue ● Will not streak, stain or discolour vinyl ● Leaves protective coating on surface ● 500ml 08408 Fender Fresh ● One step cleaning and protection ● Cleans all types of rubber and vinyl fenders ● Removes dirt, grease, oil and grime ● Easy to use with no polishing required. ● 500ml 08417 Acrylic Scratch Remover ● Removes fine scratches from acrylic, polycarbonate and most other types of plastic surface. ● Cleans stains, salt deposits and surface discolouration ● Removes hazing from windshields, hatches etc. ● 250ml 08420 Wonder Bilge ● Dissolves oil, grease, grime and all the muck that collects in your bilge and holds it in suspension until it’s pumped out ● Deodorizes unpleasant odours ● Works fast and efficiently ● Long lasting ● 500ml 08425 Rubbing Compound ● Without silicon ● Removes stains, oxidation and small scratches from fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces ● Liquid formulation ● 500ml 08455 Metal Polish ● One step application for long lasting protection ● Removes surface rust, oxidation, tarnish and stains ● Wax formula gives outstanding protection lasting months ● 500ml 08418 Inflatable Boat Cleaner ● Cleans rubber, PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats ● Cleans dirt, grime, scuff marks, oxidation, waterline dirt and stains ● Restores the colour of your boat. ● 500ml FELDTEN 08509 Gelcoat Sealer 250ml ● Cutting edge nano technological treatment of all Gelcoat surfaces above the water line that effectively combines cleaning, polishing and sealing in same working process. ● Very easy to apply with no need for any additional treatments. ● Use on fibreglass, gelcoat and painted surfaces. ● Cleans, polishes and seals in the same working process ● Creates hydrophobic and oleophobic protective layer ● UV damaged and faded surfaces regain their original color ● Extremely UV resistant ● Reduces application time by 50% compared with traditional waxes 08509 250ml Gelcoat Sealer 08510 1 Litre Gelcoat Sealer BOAT CARE | MARINE LIQUIDS 15 M018_4-35_p1.indd 15 06/03/2018 15:44