161 SEA RAIL COVER Sea rail covers make hiking out or leaning on the rails more comforta- ble. Features • Outer cover of Blue Performance Ripstop with Velcro closure over the full length • Mid-layer of durable foam • Inner core of clear flexible plastic tube, spiral cut, to protect the foam mid-layer Easy to Use 1 Thread the wire of the rail through the inner core and foam mid-layer. 2 Fit the Ripstop cover over the foam mid-layer. 3 Fasten each end of the cover with a draw string to prevent sliding. RAILING CUSHION Lean comfortably against the guard rail with a padded railing cushion. Features • Thick foam • Water repellent Ripstop • Install as in picture or upside down Easy to Use Four Velcro straps attach to the rail Code Dimensions (L x H x D) mm inches 85898 440 x 420 x 105 173.2 x 165.4 x 41.3 Code Size Dimensions (L) m feet 85865 STANDARD 1 3.3 85866 LONG 1.5 4.9 85867 EXTRA LONG 2.0 6.6 COMFORT Blue Performance M018_160-179_r1.indd 161 06/03/2018 16:29