172 Code Size Dimensions (L) m feet 86211 SMALL 11 36 86212 MEDIUM 12.5 41 86213 LARGE 14 46 86219 EXTENSION 1.5 4.9 FURLED HEADSAIL COVER Protect your headsail from the sun and sea. Features • Water repellent • Very high UV-resistant material • Breathable material allows moist to evaporate • YKK-zipper with plastic runner which do not corrode • Fits around the drum of the furler • Standard length can by increased up to 1.5m, in steps of 15cm with the use of the extension piece • The cover is divided in three sections, each with their own drawcord for ease of tensioning • The fairleads of the upper section are provided with a sheave to reduce friction PROTECTION Blue Performance M018_160-179_r1.indd 172 06/03/2018 16:30