INSTRUMENTS | MAN OVERBOARD 47101 Sea-Tag A smart-phone enabled, man-overboard wristband. The Sea-Tags wristbands continuously send a signal to one or more on-board smartphones supporting the Sea-Tags app. When the wristband is immersed in water or out of range, communication is lost and the phones monitoring it trigger an audible alarm and record their GPS position. Sea-Tags use a proprietary version of Bluetooth with superior range and low battery consumption. The wristband uses a standard coin battery and will last 600 hours in continuous operation. Bluetooth does not require a phone signal but for single handed sailors within phone range the Sea-Tag app can be configured to send a text message when activated. After an alarm is triggered, the Sea-Tags app displays the boat position with the direction and distance to the location where the app was first activated. ● 600 hour battery life ● SMS text message facility ● Location mapping of initial man- overboard position Sea-Tag provides an immediate man overboard alarm; it facilitates a swift turnaround to reduce man-overboard drift and aid recovery. 47112 MOB Lifesaver Don’t go down to the man-overboard, bring him up to you. How to get a man in the water back on board? With a MOB Lifesaver the man-overboard has his means of retrieval stowed within his lifejacket. An MOB Lifesaver attaches to the lifting loop/becket in a lifejacket. When the lifejacket inflates the Lifesaver is available on top of the bladder and easy for the rescuer to grab with the boathook. With the Lifesaver in hand, they can then secure the man- overboard to the boat while they set up their retrieval rig. A Lifesaver is hand-made from HMPE (the same compound as Dyneema®). It is spliced into a loop at one end for lifting. It is incredibly strong lifting over 2 tons and fine enough to fit into your lifejacket without bulking it up. And, unlike other materials it floats, so, if the Lifesaver unravels or is dropped, it floats on the water for easy pickup. READY When the lifejacket inflates the Lifesaver is there on top of the bladder ready to be grabbed by the rescuer. SIMPLE Grab the Lifesaver by hand or with the boathook. STRONG Set up your preferred retrieval rig and winch the man back on board. ● Strong ● Floating ● Compact Lifesaver is new and if you buy any new model of Crewsaver, Baltic, SeaSafe and Spinlock their lifejackets remain fully warranted when fitted with a Lifesaver. Lifesaver can be fitted by the user to any other make of lifejacket. M018_obc_r1.indd 4 06/03/2018 16:32