BOATING AND FISHING ACCESSORIES 07185 Snap Stick Zip Lubrication Lubricate snaps and zips. Designed for awnings, straps and difficult zips. One application lasts 3 months. 13g tube 07160 Boat Hook (130) 07164 Stainless Steel Sharp Gaff Hook (1804) With stainless steel spring guard. For light use only. 07180 Hose Nozzle (288) Die cast zinc nozzle body with soft vinyl grip. Includes hold open clip and stainless spring. 07167 Shrimp Net (1825) With fine mesh netting 07175 GoPro® Camera Adapter (104) Attach to any handle for awkward and submersible examinations. 07166 Landing Net (1820) 07168 Crab Net (1822) With treated nylon netting 07161 Dock-A-Reni (134) A rope holding tool that clips to your boat hook pole and allows you to tie your boat up to mooring piles and bollards. ● Tie your boat up with ease ● Non rusting and UV resistant 07162 Paddle End (1901) a great safety item for any boat. 07170 07173 07171 07173 Threaded Screw Adaptor (101) 07170 Curved Adaptor (102CH) 30 degree angle with two holes at the end to provide 180 degree rotation ADAPTORS AND EXTENSIONS 07171 Extension Handle (103H) 75cm BOAT CARE | SHURHOLD Boat Pole Loop Boat Hook Dock-A-Reni Dock Line 20 | M018_4-35_p1.indd 20 06/03/2018 15:45