BOAT CARE | SHURHOLD YACHT BRITE 07322 Buff Magic 624g can Fibreglass and gelcoat restoration Buff Magic is a fibreglass re-conditioner and deoxidizer, that is also an incredible metal polish. It has been formulated to be user friendly whether buffing by machine or hand. A 624g container will buff an entire 40 foot boat! ● All fibreglass and gel coat exterior surfaces ● Glass, plastic and plexiglass ● Stainless steel, metal surfaces and railings ● Brass fittings and fixtures. 07340 Pro Polish 473ml Bottle Wax and polish Pro Polish is a fibreglass and gel coat cleaner, sealant and polish with UV inhibitors that produces an ultra high gloss finish in one easy step. Pro Polish is safe and effective on: ● All fibreglass and gel coat exterior surfaces, ● Clear coat and painted surfaces, ● Glass & plastic, ● Plexiglass ● Stainless steel & metal railings. 07301 Brite Wash 948ml All purpose cleaner Brite Wash is an environmentally safe, concentrated wash soap that will not strip wax or polish while resisting water spots - even in hard water. One ounce will clean a 40 foot boat! Brite Wash is safe and effective on: ● All fibreglass and gel coat exterior surfaces, ● Clear eisenglass panels, ● Glass & plastic, ● Canvas/canopies, and ● Stainless steel railings. 07305 Serious Marine Cleaner 948ml All purpose cleaner Serious Marine Cleaner was created for the professional boat detailer, eliminating the need to carry numerous cleaners to each job. It’s effective on: ● All fibreglass and gel coat ● Stainless steel & metal railings ● Teak ● Carpeting & interior cabin surfaces ● Vinyl seating ● Canvas canopies ● Engine, bilge degreasing/cleaning. To clean and polish your boat properly Shurhold recommends the top quality Yacht Brite range of cleaning chemicals. 21 M018_4-35_p1.indd 21 06/03/2018 15:45