DINGHY RINGS Dinghy Rings, a rotating dinghy davit for storing an inflatable dinghy at the stern or bow of your boat. It’s simple, back you dinghy into Dinghy Rings and pull the bow up with the painter. Dinghy Specification Dinghy Rings fit inflatable dinghies up to 3 metres (Bold model 3.5m), with a maximum weight of 50kg (Bold model 60kg) and a distance of 97cm -127cm between the centre of the conical ends to their sponsons (total dinghy width of 130cm to 170cm). Dinghy Rings are; ● Convenient, easily handled by one person ● Unobtrusive and detachable ● Gentle on your boat and dinghy ● Quick to launch in emergency situations ● Affordable, thanks to a simple and clever design  The davit is available in three versions. 1Flex – Portable Dinghy Rings – deployed on a rope when you need them 2Slim – Detachable Dinghy Rings – attached through a lightweight, stern swim platform 3Bold – Detachable Dingy Rings – attached under a larger swim platform 45102 Flex Dinghy Rings Hang over the stern, bow or side of a boat. It’s adjustable in height and width and fits almost any boat. Back you dinghy into the rings and pull the bow up with the painter. Flex Dinghy Rings can be taken apart for storage and the foam rings are tough enough to be used as extra fenders! Specification: ● Stainless Steel 30 & 25 mm - A4/ AISI 316, ● Straps of UV-resistant polyester, ● Weight 4 kilos. 45108 Slim Dinghy Rings Slim Dinghy Rings are mounted through and under a narrow external swim platform of up to 90cm in width. All of the mountings are hidden underneath the platform and the rings are easily detachable. Can be combined with a ladder. Specification: ● Stainless Steel 30/25 mm - A4/AISI 316, ● Straps of UV-resistant polyester, ● Weight 4 kilos Dinghy Davits - Portable and Detachable BOAT FITTINGS | DINGHY RINGS 24 | M018_4-35_p1.indd 24 06/03/2018 18:02