18133 Water Witch – Electronic Bilge Switch The Water Witch 101, electronic bilge pump switch, is a small and versatile replacement for the commonly used float switch. The Water Witch 101 offers one of the easiest installations possible with its new tab design. Temperature, humidity, or electrical noise will not affect this switch. ● Mercury free ● Oils and fuels will not activate switch ● Simple installation, mounts at any angle ● Delay turning on, to avoid false pump cycles ● Delay turning off, controls standing water level ● Electronic switch, no wear, no sticking, or electrolysis ● Stainless steel metal parts 18133 Water Witch 12V 18134 Water Witch 24V 18081 12v Hair Dryer ● 180 Watts ● Blister packed ● Folds for easy storage space 34 | ELECTRIC PRODUCTS | 240VOLT AND 12VOLT PRODUCTS TUBE HEATERS WITH THERMOSTAT Low power 240V tube heaters create air circulation in enclosed spaces helping to prevent condensation, dampness, freezing mould and mildew. With the added benefit of a thermostat these tube heaters can be left for months turning themselves off when not required. Fitting The heater is supplied with brackets for temporary use or for permanent wall mounting or floor standing. Energy Use Available in a range of low power options, Slimline Tube Heaters have an energy saving thermostat. Features ● Thermostat ● 1.5m push-fit power cable & plug ● Brackets supplied ● White enamel finish ● IP44 rated for water resistance. ● CE certified and BS EN 60335/1:2002 compliant Models and Options ● Euro plug versions available. ● Safety Guards available ● 5 sizes 30cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm 150cm Part Model Power Length Diameter Slimline Tube Heaters 18139 Slimline with Thermostat 300 28W 0.3m 40mm 18135 Slimline with Thermostat 500 55W 0.5m 40mm 18140 Slimline with Thermostat 750 90W 0.75 40mm 18136 Slimline with Thermostat 1000 120W 1.0m 40mm 18138 Slimline with Thermostat 1500 190W 1.5m 40mm Slimline Guards 18142 Guard for Tube Heater 300 0.3m 18143 Guard for Tube Heater 500 0.5m 18144 Guard for Tube Heater 750 0.75m 18145 Guard for Tube Heater 1000 1.0m 18146 Guard for Tube Heater 1500 1.5m M018_4-35_p1.indd 34 06/03/2018 18:05