Navi Light Tricolour 2NM Available in three models with different attachment methods. The Navi Light Tricolour 2NM can be used as ● TriColour Masthead, ● BiColour, ● Port, ● Starboard or ● Stern navigation light 18305 Magnetic Mount 18269 Navimount base Navi Light 360˚ 2NM White Available in three models with different attachment methods. ● 360° All round ● 225° Masthead ● 135° Stern ● Emergency flashing light, ● Dim function, anchoring and cabin light ● Shines for 15 hours on all-round light 18301 Magnetic Mount 18266 Navimount base 18303 Rescue Navi Light 360˚ 2NM White State of the art glow-in-the- dark pigment makes the light easy to locate, day and night. ● Available only in the double magnet model. 18271 Navilight All Round Red 360 Navimount Base ● 5 Modes: ● 360° all-round red light / Anchoring light, ● 225° Masthead light, ● 135° Sternlight, ● Flashing light, ● Cabin light. 42 | PORTABLE NAVIGATION LIGHTS | NAVISAFE Small craft and emergency navigation lights NAVI LIGHT Passed by US Coast Guard with 2 Nautical Mile Approval for vessels up to 12m. Navi light is available as a 16 LED Tricolour (red, green, white), all red & all white light in standard and glow-in-the-dark rescue models. ● High visibility battery operated LED light consuming little power ● Waterproof to 20 metres ● Floats, pocket-sized, easy to use ● No wires, 3 x AAA batteries, ● 35mm x 50mm Available in different models 1. Double magnet, includes a magnetic bracket on both the light and mount also supplied with security lanyards. 2. Navimount Compatible 3. Suction mount, Railblaza Star fitting & Scotty base, please see price list. M018_36-55_r1.indd 42 06/03/2018 16:26