61 FLAGS | CODE FLAGS 42021.A-Z Individual Code Flags In woven polyester 30cm x 45cm. Flags A and Q only are supplied in retail blister packs. Flag A is available in the larger size of 40cm x 60cm. 42021.A-Z Please specify flag 30cm x 45cm 42021.A2 Large A Flag 40cm x 60cm 42047 Pennants Individual pennants, supplied in woven polyester, ½ yard, 26cm x 58cm. Supplied in retail blister packs. 42047.Numeral e.g. 0-9 42047.11 Pennant 1st Substitute 42047.12 Pennant 2nd Substitute 42047.13 Pennant 3rd Substitute 42047.14 Answering Pennant 42360 Sticker ● Code Flag Summary Sticker ● 14cm x 21cm PRINTED POLYESTER BUNTING CODE FLAGS AND SET Made in Europe 41950 Sewn Nylon Code Flag Set, Wallet and Bag ● 40 flag set ● Sewn and reinforced nylon ● Flags are 12” x 18” standard ● Hung by toggle and line. ● Alphabet ● Numbers ● Substitutes ● Answering pennant ● Set comes complete with: ● Organisational pouch with labelled pockets ● Nylon Storage bag INTERNATIONAL CODE FLAG 42003 Polyester Code Flag Set ● 20cm x 30cm ● Storage Wallet 42006 Woven Polyester Code Flag Set ● Premium Quality ● 30cm x 45cm ● Storage Wallet M018_56-85_r1.indd 61 06/03/2018 15:49