MOSQUITO SCREENS Flat, folding nets attach to the window or hatch with a suction cup or with a magnet and adhesive metal coin. When the hatch is opened adjust the drawstring to hold the mosquito net in place over the aperture. Nets can be installed from the inside and fold down into a convenient storage bag a third of the size. ● Easy to mount, magnet or sucker ● Polyester net & chromed steel frame ● Keep mosquitoes, gnats and wasps out ● Storage bag Meridian Code Manufacturer Code Net with Magnet & Sucker Cup Size Fits Up To 35143 1405 Mosquito Net Hatch - Small 350 x 350mm 300 x 300mm 35145.1 1410 Mosquito Net Hatch - Regular 600 x 600mm 250 x 520mm 35151.1 1415 Mosquito Net Hatch - Large 800 x 800mm 720 x 720mm 35152.1 1430 Mosquito Net Portlight - Small (2 Pack) 230x490mm 180 x 430mm 35154.1 1435 Mosquito Net Portlight - Large 300 x 700mm 200 x 650mm 35170 1542 Adhesive plate for fibreglass hatches used as a smooth base for a suction cup. 35171 9025 Spare Magnet & Fixing Plate Meridian Code Manufacturer No. Model Dimensions 35158 1215 Throw Over Net - Regular 62 x 62cm 35159 1217 Throw Over Net – Large 72 x 72cm THROW OVER MOSQUITO NET Hatch net ● Keeps out mosquitos, gnats, wasps etc. ● Polyester net with ecological weight band ● Mesh storage bag CHANDLERY | HATCH MOSQUITO NETS Mosquito nets with ECO weight bands 76 | 35155 Companion Way Mosquito Net This mosquito net hangs over the companionway with the top corners secured by sewn-in ties or suction cups. The edges are lined with ECO weight band and keep the mosquito net in place whilst allowing easy access and exit. ● Fits almost all boats ● Polyester net, Eco band and artificial suede ● Keep mosquitoes and gnats out ● Storage bag ● Dimensions 900 x 1800 mm 35155 Companion Way Mosquito Net 35157 Step In Hatch Mosquito Net M018_56-85_r1.indd 76 06/03/2018 15:50