Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp 20 INCLUDED Removable side chambers Adjustable inflatable seats Boston valves Drain plug Double I-beam floor Carry handles COLORADOTM Broad shape offering excellent stability Boston, Mini Boston and Mini Double Lock valves for easy inflation and deflation Easy Inflation Manometer: check pressure easily during inflation Highly effective drainage system 2 fabric covered, adjustable seats with high backrests and inflatable sitting area Removable seats - easily turn the kayak into a 2 or 1-person version Removable fin and welded directional strakes for excellent manoeuvrability 4 ergonomic carry handles for easy transportation Sturdy and durable polyester hull Replaceable PVC side chambers Replaceable PVC floor chamber with double I-beam construction for extra stability PVC coated, fabric-reinforced bottom shell for rigidity and protection The Colorado™ combines an extraordinary mix of manoeuvrability, stability and comfort with unrivalled ease of inflation. Thanks to the Boston valves and easy inflation manometer, inflation & deflation have been made extremely simple. Additionally, the broad shape and covered seat ensure you are comfortable & secure on all of your kayak adventures. Carry bag, Easy Inflation Manometer, removable fin, a repair kit and owner’s manual. 331 x 88 cm 14,7 kg 2 0 200 kg 3 ISO 6185-1 III,B Meridian Code 14913 RECOMMENDED OPTIONS Paddles are not included with product. BRAVO 4 15141 K-PERF230 - 14738 M019_Sevylor_2018_f1.indd 20 28/12/2017 11:01