4 THEPERFECTPRODUCT FORYOURINDIVIDUALNEEDS At Sevylor® , we produce products that excel in manoeuvrability, aerodynamic design, stability and comfort. Within our range, you can find the ideal kayak, canoe, or boat to enjoy calm, flat, or light whitewaters. Based on these elements, we have defined Versatility and Performance indexes to help you identify the perfect product for your needs. Every Sevylor® kayak, canoe and boat has been assigned a score from 1 to 5 for each element, with 5 being the highest score. Our indexes make the selection of your next Sevylor® product fast and easy. LETUSHELPYOUFINDYOURPERFECTPRODUCT! Calm/ flat water Light whitewater Manoeuvrability Aerodynamic Stability Comfort VERSATILITY PERFORMANCE KAYAKS/CANOES 12 THEORIGINALPUDDLEJUMPER™ 36 ACCESSORIES 38 BALTICBRANDBUOYANCYAIDS 42 BRAVOPUMPSANDPADDLES 43 AIRHEADTOWABLES 54 M019_Sevylor_2018_f1.indd 4 28/12/2017 10:49