Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp 26 INCLUDED RECOMMENDED OPTIONS Paddles are not included with product. Adjustable and inflatable seats SevytestTM Boston valves Drain plug Inflatable side chambers I-beam floor Made of heavy-duty PVC Inflatable side chambers Durable floor chamber with I-beam construction Broad Shape offering excellent Stability 3 adjustable and removable, inflatable PVC Seats Integrated Spray decks at bow and stern Boston, Mini Boston and Mini Double Lock valves for easy inflation and deflation Backpack System for easy storage and transportation Highly effective drainage system 2 ergonomic carry handles for easy transportation Sevytest™: check pressure easily during inflation A timeless classic renewed with our revolutionary Backpack System for increased portability. Ideal for enjoying adventures and leisure time on the water with friends and family. With an extra seat, the TahitiTM Plus is the family version of this range, providing enough space for two adults and one child. TAHITITM PLUS 205516 Sevytest™, a repair kit and owner’s manual. Leisure paddle 15113 Directional Skeg 14786 361 x 90 cm 11.7 kg 2 1 200 kg 3 ISO 6185-1 III,B Meridian Code 14894 M019_Sevylor_2018_f1.indd 26 28/12/2017 11:05