6 AQUICKGUIDE 2000026702 BOSTONVALVE ICONS Boston valves for easy inflation: two-way valve holds the air in the tube. A return flap avoids air leaking out again when removing the pump. To deflate, you have to unscrew the whole valve. To inflate, you have to unscrew the top cap. Inflation and deflation is fast and easy since you have control of the air. HIGHPRESSUREVALVE The inflation is extremely fast and the air tightness of the valve is adapted to the high pressure of the drop stitch and coated fabric items. Easy and controlled deflation and inflation is guaranteed. MINI BOSTON VALVE (PatentN.FR10/59823) The Mini Boston valve functions the same way as a Boston Valve and has the same interface for the pump. The novelty is that we can weld it in a smaller area where it was previously impossible. JUMBOVALVE The Jumbo valve is a large diameter PVC pinch valve, that can be recessed into the chamber after inflation. MINIDOUBLELOCKVALVE Almost all of our seats and small chambers are now equipped with the Mini Double Lock valve to replace the pinch valve. After inflation, the valve can be pushed in with the inflation device. The inflation device can be removed and the valve closed without losing air. OURSEVYTESTTM Many of our PVC products are equipped with an integrated Sevytest™ pressure gauge for accurate inflation. The red bar indicates whether you have to add or reduce air, if the bar ends somewhere in the green area, the air pressure level is just right. *The inflated sizes are measured under the following conditions: product inflated with the recommended working pressure and at a temperature ranging between 18°C / 64°F and 22°C / 71°F Size inflated (cm)* Max. load capacity (kg) Max. capacity adults Users + gear weight (kg) Weight (kg) Max. motor capacity Max. capacity children Standard Number of inflatable chambers Classification M019_Sevylor_2018_f1.indd 6 28/12/2017 10:51