8 AQUICKGUIDE 2000026702 Heavy duty tarpaulin is remarkably robust, lightweight and water resistant material that protects the bottom of the kayak from abrasion and damage. Sevy-Strong™ Tarpaulin is up to 18% thicker and has been generously extended well above the waterline, covering up to 28% more surface area of the kayak compared to competitor models. Sevy-SpensionTM is a patented, unique seating system that makes paddling the kayak easier and more efficient. By suspending the seat and the paddler above the floor of the kayak there is a significant reduction in deformation of the hull resulting in a smooth, flat shape and creating less resistance in the water. The Sevy-SpensionTM seating system results in 15% less resistance when paddling. In addition, for any backsplash that may result in your paddling, the suspended seating will keep you dry throughout your journey. The seat adjustment webbing, that runs the length of the kayak, can also be used to secure your belongings and keep them dry. Alameda™ Premium Alameda™ Alameda™ Premium Madison™ Waterton™ Ottawa™ Ottawa™ Alameda™ TECHNOLOGIES 15% Easier to Paddle** R R 2.5X STRONGER* PaddleGrip™ The new PaddleGrip™ technology functions as both a carry handle and a paddle holder; so you can relax hands free. Seatography™ Use the Seatography™ guide on the floor to help determine where you should put your seat. M019_Sevylor_2018_f1.indd 8 28/12/2017 10:51